Did you know?

How to turn on Network Discovery after Windows 10 Update?

Jun. 26 2018

"If you are running Windows 10 and your network is not showing, it may be necessary to turn on Network Discovery on your Windows 10 PC. This requires some changes to the Services section, and the attached YouTube video is quite straight forward to follow. This process explains how to do turn on the Network Discovery options." View>

Link 2nd WMS Data (Same PC) - How to set it up?

Jul. 13 2017

"In some instances, it may be necessary to link your WMS program to a second source of data. This requires some setup to do, but once done, it is quite straight forward to swap between the 2 WMS data sources (WMSDATA.accdb) on the same computer. It is important to note that care must be taken to ensure you are working on the CORRECT DATA file for your daily business transactions! This process explains how to do it using the Ribbon (tool bar)." View & Print>

Short Receipt Printer - How to set it up?

Jan. 25 2016

"One of the best tools in WMS has been the Short Receipt Printer, Star Micronics SP200/500/700. Available with each installation is the option to use this small receipt printer. Designed for small item sales, you can make the customer's receipt easy to choose between the full page or small 3 inch receipt. Here's how to set it up on your WMS Invoice using the Ribbon (tool bar)." View & Print>

Function Keys (v778) - What are these quick access keys?

Jan. 23 2016

"One of the best tools in WMS has been the addition of the Function Keys. Available with each installation is a shortcut Function Key card strip that sits at the top of your keyboard or monitor. Designed to ensure you can make quick access to the major features of WMS, these shortcuts are a valuable tool to use software!" View & Print>

Penny Rounding - Cash Sales Explained?

Jan. 15 2016

"In 2013, Canada opted to remove the penny from monetary circulation. Rounding up and Rounding down the odd pennies for cash sales became the option for Point of Sales software, so here's an explanation of how it is handled and reported in the WMS software." View & Print>

Duplicated Customer - How to merge their history into one!

Jan. 5 2014

"Sometimes a customer gets re-entered twice into the Customer Information form. Why, could be a rush, could be a different spelling, or it could be any number of reasons. Here's what to do to get all of that original's customer's history back to one name. The attached document will explain how to easily identify the two names, and reset the purchases from one to the correct one. " View & Print>

HST to PST - How to change it on April 1st, 2013?

Feb. 20 2013

"On April 1st 2013, the HST for British Columbia businesses will revert back to using the PST and GST tax structures. As a WMS user, here's what to do and when to do the changeover process.

Note: since WMS flexibility in Tax Naming and which assignment of Tax1 or Tax2 was defined as HST in the original change in 2010, an automated change back to the PST and GST tax structures is nearly impossible to create which will apply to all WMS users. However, the attached document will explain how to easily set the new PST/GST structure as well as how to assign which tax belongs to which product. In this document is also a table defining the taxable products." View & Print>

In addition, Jim Mullen, as the F.G.B.C Government Liaison, has generously offered his article with the full details of 'A Return to PST'." View & Print>

Check Box Filtering Options - which one to use?

Feb. 9 2013

"WMS includes a very powerful tool that when used correctly in the Customer Information or Products forms, allows you to find specific items using more than 1 search key. One of the features in the filter form is the checkbox. There are 3 options that you can set in any checkbox in these two filter forms." View & Print>

Purchase Order Processes - which one to use?

Jan. 3 2013

"The Purchase Order form in WMS is more than a tool for ordering your Products. With the addition of the 2 options, 'Transfer In' and 'Transfer Out', you can move your products between WMS stores to ensure your inventory is correct, quickly and easily. This 'Tips and Trick' explains how this process can work for you." View & Print>

Call Backs - How to track follow-up customer calls.

Jul. 30 2012

"If there is a reason why you haven't seen some of your customers for over a year (or any period that you choose), perhaps contacting them to make them aware that they are important to you, this document explains how to find your 'lost' customers. This Tips and Tricks document shows you how to use the 'Customer's with No Orders' form, the 'Customer Information - Calls' tab and the Monthly Call Back process to get in touch, track their needs and call them back on their terms. A great customer service tool!" View & Print>

Customer Notes - How to do copy to Production label.

Jun. 17 2012

"An important part of customer service is to ensure you and your staff are aware of your customer's preferences with respect to their wine product production. This Tips and Tricks document shows you the new tool in WMS to not only quickly copy the Customer Notes to an Item Product, but explains that this information is also automatically added to the Appointment Scheduler, Customer History and the Production Label." View & Print>

Restore WMS Data - How to do this.

May 31 2012

"If for some reason, your WMS is not running and you need to go back to a preious date's data, this Tips and Tricks document explains how to do a restore of WMS data in three easy steps." View & Print>

Reward Points - How to accumulate Points.

Apr. 15 2012

"WMS has 2 options for your customers to accumulate reward points. This one page Tips and Tricks explains how to set each customer's options whether it be by batch count or by the points count." View & Print>

Bar Code Scanner Optional Setups.

Sept. 17 2011

"For the Symbol Bar Code scanner, LS4208, this document allows you 2 options for data entry; Move from Item Product to the new Item Product field directly below or Move to the new line below to the Quantity field. The latter option allows you to leave the Qty at 1 or change the Qty to another number. Press the Enter or Tab keys to move into the Item Product field. You then scan your next item. Please follow the instructions to re-program your scanner." View & Print>

Reconnect to Network Data - How to do it.

Jan. 12 2011

"If your business uses 2 or more computers that access WMS7, you need to know the process to reconnect to the WMS7 data source should your network get disconnected. Here's how to do it." View & Print>

Bar Code Scanner - How to set it up.

Dec. 8 2010

"The Symbol Bar Code scanner, LS4208, has been included in the latest version of WMS. To speed up your sales transactions and to create your own bar codes on your products, this scanner is simple to install and easy to operate. Here's a quick reference document to set it up. The latest Release Notes for WMS, version 7.77 has more details of its uses in WMS." View & Print>

Inventory Snapshot - Get your current Inventory Status.

Nov. 8 2010

"Here's a tool that will quickly tell you your current Inventory status! You set up your Inventory Type, assign the products to the Inventory group and generate this Inventory Snapshot report every month, quickly and easily." View & Print>

Invoice Sales Analysis - Send it to Excel.

Oct. 25 2010

"Have you ever wanted to analyze all of your Invoice's sales in a spreadsheet for graphing or for charting your store's progress? Well, WMS has the export function to do just that, here's how!" View & Print>

Product Unit Price - How to change it on the Invoice.

Oct. 22 2010

"You are working on an Invoice for a customer and you notice that the Unit Price for a product you just entered, is incorrect! Here's how you correct it quickly." View & Print>

HST - What, When and How to implement in WMS?

Apr. 23 2010

"This step by step document will show you in WMS on how to adjust your May to June HST charges (if they are applicable), as well as direct you to the correct process for the June 30th, July 1st change over!" View & Print>

Backup Data - Do I need to do this and how often?

Feb. 24 2010

"Your data is the most important part of your business. Without it, you can't operate. Sooner or later, something MAY happen to your PC. To ensure you are safe, spend 1 or 2 minutes a day backing up your wmsdata!" View & Print>

Gift Certificates - How do I sell, redeem and audit them?

Feb. 22 2010

"Gift Certificates are easily handled within WMS. Sold as a product, print it in the Invoice and redeemed as a payment. A simple setup ensures success!" View & Print>

Reminders - What are they used for?

Mar. 8 2009

"Tired of sticky notes cluttering up your desk and forgetting to complete something because you cannot find the note you left for yourself? Put all those sticky notes in the garbage after entering them into the WMS Plus Reminder's form!" View & Print>

Quick Prints - What are these?

Mar. 8 2009

"WMS has a number of specific tools to enhance your customer's experience. These small but helpful tools are spread throughout WMS, here is where to find them!" View & Print>

Barrel Aging - How do you track this task?

Mar. 8 2009

"Barrel aging is a tool for effectively enhancing many of the already good products produced. Simply by adding the wine to a barrel and allowing it age even further is great value, here's how to track it in WMS Plus!" View & Print>

Supplier's Products - How to quickly remove a complete set?

Jul. 8 2008

"As WMS is filled with many supplier's products, you may want to delete those that you know you won’t use. Instead of deleting them one at a time, you can do a batch delete in one fell swoop!" View & Print>

Spreadsheet View - How to view many Customers or Products at once?

Jun. 2 2008

"Often it is necessary to review a number of similar items for updating. Seeing all of the items in one screen instead of flipping through the single view screen is quicker and more efficient."View & Print>

Monthly Report - How to quickly run the Export Menu for a month?

May 31 2008

"For your daily accounting balance process, the 3-step process needs to be completed on the Export Menu. This process can be done on that specific day, but often it is done at the end of the week. To do multiple dates and quickly change the date for each day for the 3-step process."View & Print>

Customer Information - How to find a Customer's name, Phone, History or Invoice quickly?

May 31 2008

"In some instances, a customer phones, or walks into your shop and you can only recall his first name, his last name or neither! How do you, professionally speaking, pull this customer’s information about his order or past history quickly and in a professional manner?"View & Print>

Invoice Find - How to go to a Specific Invoice quickly?

May 27 2008

"The Invoice is the primary Point Of Sale tool in WMS for you and your customer. Assuming you have a specific Invoice to check, there are a number of ways to find that Invoice number?"View & Print>

Passwords - What is the correct password?

Feb. 25 2008

"In order to provide security to certain areas of WMS, a number of passwords have been implemented on a number of forms and reports. How do I know which password is associated with which form or report?"View & Print>

How did The Wine Management System evolve?

Feb. 23 2008

"Little known facts you didn?t know about the birth, growth and the brains behind The Wine Management System?"View & Print>

Function Keys - What are these quick access keys?

Feb. 23 2008

"One of the best tools in WMS has been the addition of the Function Keys. Available with each installation is a shortcut Function Key card strip that sits at the top of your keyboard or monitor. Designed to ensure you can make quick access to the major features of WMS, these shortcuts are a valuable tool to use?"View & Print>

Ghosts and Accounting - where do these errors come from?

Feb. 21 2008

"One of the most annoying scenarios is an unbalanced day on the General Journal Entry report, and the inability to find that missing imbalance. Trying to find that ghostly entry doesn’t need to be too difficult?"View & Print>

Ghosts in Production - where do these mysterious wines come from?

Feb. 8 2008

"In some instances while filling out an Invoice for a customer, the customer may change their mind, curious, eh? Depending on where you are in completing that entry, WMS may have created an entry in the Production part of WMS. This is normal and if you decide to change that selection, WMS will remove that entry from Production. However, sometimes that first selection is left in Production and will haunt your Tasks Lists forever. Likely it will not show in the Verify in Production tab. Trying to find that ghost wine isn’t too difficult."View & Print>

Cellar Meister Data - where do I find it?

Feb. 1 2008

"Conversions of data files from Cellar Meister or other types of databases do not always comply with the data structure for WMS. To assist you in an easier transition from DOS programs to Windows, there are a couple of methods to find these past sales of your customers"View & Print>