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Standard Install ver. 7.78 *


Water 2 Wine Install ver. 7.80 **


Water 2 Wine Upgrade v4.80 -> v7.80 **


Network Version for each additional installation of a PC


Training ****

The WMS software includes 6 hours of training. Please call for details.

Upgrades versions 4.69-4.72


Upgrade version 4.73-4.75


Upgrade version 7.75


Upgrade version 7.78




Function:  this feature allows you to set an appointment for any of your customers without having to assign it to an Invoice.

Use:  this scheduler can be used for either making beer or "throwing the Yeast" for wine.

Output:  just as in the standard appointment scheduler in WMS, this scheduler can be printed for either one day or any period of time you choose.

  • Additional functionality of this enhancement is that it tracks who made the appointment, when it was made and if there are any notes unique to this scheduled appointment.

Function:  Exported data from Simply Accounting, Quick Books, Quicken and other accounting programs can be imported into The Wine Management System. These specific files generally are defined in the General Journal section (under the File menu option) of your accounting program. As well, other contact management programs often have the same export utilities. Please contact us to see if your current program has this option.

Use:  This one-time conversion allows you to move to the Windows based program, WMS with all of your customer information. For further details about this easy procedure, please contact us via email: or phone: 604-802-6358 (during our support hours).

Function:  Convert existing data files from the DOS program, CellarMeister, into The Wine Management System. Specific files from your current PC are required to convert the Customer, Product and related Supplier files into WMS. Related information for a customer's Points, Product Production types are also included in the conversion. Sales history is NOW included.

Use:  All of your current information is included in a one-time conversion that allows you to move from a DOS program (no longer supported) to the Windows based program, WMS. You can run your old DOS program as well as WMS until all the current production items are processed. Download this Extract Tool to collect the required CellarMeister files from your existing PC.

Function:  Convert from the DOS program, T-Man, into The Wine Management System using a Customer Export feature in T-Man. This specific file from your current PC can be imported into WMS with the related address information included.

Use:  This one-time conversion allows you to move to the Windows based program, WMS with all of your customer information. For a short period of time, run your old DOS program as well as WMS in parallel, until all the current production items are processed in T-Man. For further details about this easy update, please contact us via email: or phone: 604-802-6358 (during our support hours).

Function:  Generate a XML formatted file for each specific Purchase Order that can be emailed directly to your Supplier or for product transfers between stores with the new 'Transfer In', 'Transfer Out' features for the 'On Premise' and 'Retail Sales' combination businesses. Our customers told us what they needed and version 4.70.01 delivers not only accurate inventory control but ease of use in stock transactions. Each electronic XML file is a compilation of your Store ID and Purchase Order Id to ensure security and uniqueness in transactions. As well, your suppliers can receive your purchase orders on their Web Browser (IE 5.0 and above). Contact us for more details.

Use:  Save time and paper by creating your Purchase Order electronically.

Function:  this feature allows you to track your customer's bonus program using a dollar value system rather than the wine count system that is standard in WMS.

Use:  you determine the percentage (on the Preferences form) that your store will credit each customer for the purchase of specific wine and beer products. WMS automatically tabulates all of their purchases and calculates the percentage in dollars that they have accumulated (available on the Invoice). Customer's can redeem their points on any product.

Output:  This feature is enabled using a password on the Preferences form. Each customer's Invoice will display the status of their current points (in dollars) that they are eligible to redeem.

Function:  the staff scheduler allows you to create a shift schedule for all of your staff using WMS.

Use:  like the appointment scheduler in WMS, this enhancement is as easy to use as 1, 2, 3. Pick a day, pick a time, and click it to set the shift. WMS calculates the length of each shift for each employee and the option to confirm that this employee has been notified of this shift. That each employee can take home his or her own schedule, makes this enhancement to WMS, a real value.

Output:  there are 3 ways to print this information:

By the day:  showing all of the employees' shifts for each day with start & end times on a single sheet of paper,

For all employees:  showing each employee's shifts for a specific range of time, - helpful in balancing working hours for all staff members,

For each employee:  showing each employee's shifts printed on a single sheet of paper - helpful for giving to each employee for the coming week or a specific period.

Function:  This new feature takes WMS to a new level of integration for a Point of Sale applicaton with an internet presence! Give your customers a tool to view their wines using our web site, This interactive site saves you time since your customers can view their expected bottling, request an appointment, request more information about products or send your their comments... all via email and! This base level of Web Services allows for Store Uploads of customer history as well as the Auto-Bottling Notifier. Emails that are generated to your customers to remind them of an upcoming wine that is ready to bottle.

Use:  This enhancement is as quick and easy to use as the Backup Data feature in WMS. It takes about a minute. See for simple instructions on "Store Help" (how to create an upload) or "Customer Help" (how your customers check their wines).

Output:  A small encrypted, secure file is quickly created when you close at the end of the day. Log into to find how to upload this file at home or at your place of business. Links to Customer's Help instructions and Store Help instructions are included on the Brewcheck home page.

Function:  This second level of enhancement of Web Services allows your customers to request appointments, change appointments, place orders for wine products, as well as send general comments to you via your company email.

Use:  This enhancement is a tool to assist in your daily communications with your customers. Not only do you allow them to view their product at their leisure, this feature enhances your businesses efficiency!

  • Currently 2 levels of Web Services are available. Please contact us for more details.


* French version now included in standard installation and provides additional Customer Receipts, Customer History and Gift Certificates in either French or English.
** Water 2 Wine version provides many additional business specific functions and is a proprietary version available only to Water 2 Wine franchises. Contact us for details.
**** Travelling expenses may be required. Please view the On-Site Training Packages or Order WMS supplies/manuals available.

All prices are in Canadian dollars except Water 2 Wine prices are in US dollars. US price dependent on current exchange rate. Prices do not include applicable taxes.