The Wine Management System

The Wine Management System (WMS) services:

WMS is a stand-alone system and runs on any Windows platform

Customer's historical information is automatically tracked for you, is easy to use and is well documented with Video training included in every package. WMS keeps information about:

In addition, WMS can easily print reports, quotes, mailing labels, bottling labels and invoices directly from the system. No need to use spreadsheets, word documents or other external software! If you want to play with your data, then exporting from WMS is available. Pop-Up Online Help is available on every screen with step-by-step instructions to either read and print!

Working with WMS is easily customized and setting your business preferences is one example should business rules change in this industry. WMS is flexible to meet your needs!

Reports can be time consuming to setup on your own. WMS has been around since 1996 and knows the reports that you need for taxes, sales and monthly/quarterly volumes of all sorts. Some reports available:

These are only some of the many benefits of using WMS for your business!